The craftsmanship is “stuff” of the family


In the 1950s plastic molding was pioneering activity.
Our current technical skills began in that period: from the intuitions of Grandfather Gaspare Carlo. They have been enriched and expanded over the years with technology both in the production department and in the internal workshop.
The attention to detail, to quality first of all, to the satisfaction of oneself, even before the customer, can not be combined with the prevailing massification of the market, but they are the constant and the main feature of the Nova Rampalux philosophy.


Nothing more from our work, strictly and totally Made in Italy – the real one! – handed down from grandfather to nephew.


Franco e Francesca Ramponi

Nova Rampalux history

Founded in the Fifties, Nova Rampalux specializes in the production of synthetic crystal (P.M.M.A.) and strass stones.

In the eighties the company launched for the first time on the market the brilliant cut rhinestones, with shapes and facets typical of jewelry.

The 50s

Rampalux was founded in 1955 with Gaspare Carlo Ramponi, the father of the current owner, who, after a lifetime as a professional musician, creates an activity aimed at the maintenance of vinyl records: brushes cleaner and anti-static liquids, objects for protection and the care of a world that many may not know, now that music is almost just a question of bits.

In those years, in fact, the quality of the sound depended on how well we took care of the vinyls, extremely delicate and precious as not replaceable. For many items then developed by Rampalux, just to meet these particular needs, we chose to use natural silk velvets from Lecco.

Immediately the quality of the product distinguishes Nova Rampalux on the market: the maniacal care with which they were designed and produced those items is the same as today. The activity continues in a profitable way, enriching itself with the production of high-precision technical items.


The current owner, Franco Ramponi, is included in the company’s workforce.

Not only through the traditional apprenticeship but also thanks to the specific training in the field of plastic materials, it gradually covers different roles within the production cycle: workshop worker, technician in charge of printing machines, maintenance of machines, storekeeper and seller, accounting assistant, designer for new molds and models. All this, of course, goes alongside the classic laborers.

FROM 1984 TO 1988


Thanks to the ability to produce high precision and high refinement molds, in 1984 the production of costume jewelery began.

It’s almost a revolution: no one before that had been able to produce so brilliant rhinestones in PMMA.

Has been developed an acrylic article that, to the eye, has little to envy to achievements in the finest materials and that, in addition to having very important characteristics of uniqueness, turns out to be cheaper and much easier to use than glass and crystal.

1986 – 1988

Franco Ramponi acquires the rank of member and enters, legally as well as operationally, on the company’s board of directors.

Subsequently, after a reorganization of the partners, the Nova Rampalux snc of Gaspare Carlo and Franco Ramponi comes to life.


The company moved to its current location in Locate Varesino (CO), in a building designed and built to measure.

Finally, it is possible to have adequate spaces that comply fully with current regulations.

The company really made a long way from the basement garage where the first machines were installed.

The large warehouse allows you to work on the ready, minimizing delivery times to the benefit of customers.


After a long career as a craftsman, Nonno Carletto deservedly starts to retire.

The company acquires its current structure, with Franco Ramponi as sole director.


Advanced machinery is purchased, many fully automatic, which allow for continuous production.

The company continues to stand out for the use of the best the market offers both in terms of equipment and materials.

The criterion of evaluation in the purchases is never only the best price but always, mainly, the best quality.


You get to the third generation: Francesca, the owner’s daughter, is hired by the company. While continuing to study at university, Francesca covers several roles within the activity, also taking advantage of her skills in graphics and design.