Perforated acrylic stones and buttons

We produce perforated rhinestones ideal for embroidery, costume jewelery, leather goods and clothing.

Our perforated stones, metallized and not, are in fact ready to be used by the client.

We produce rhinestone drilled in PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) with quality materials and in different forms: round, multiple round, oval, square, rectangle, octagon, triangle, shuttle, hexagon, regular octagon, rivul, drop and button.

Our bright and luminous perforated stones are ready to be sewn on any surface and for any use.

Our rhinestones allow you to obtain very high quality results added to the practicality of use and the conspicuous reduction in overall weight. The aesthetic performance of our pierced stones and jewel buttons, comparable to that of the best ground crystals, is in fact associated with maneuverability and low weight.

The measures, the shapes and the color variables are innumerable and give the possibility to create a number of combinations, from the most classic to the most innovative, almost infinite: designs can also be made elaborately of beads with mirrored effect, enviable gloss and weight content.

The use of our articles is compatible with washing machine keeping completely unaltered their characteristics.

Our perforated rhinestones are supplied upon request by the customer, both metallic and non-transparent, transparent or colored.

Metallic rhinestones give even better light refraction thanks to the mirror effect. The position of the holes is studied in such a way as not to change the qualitative characteristics of the stone.

To know every detail on shapes, sizes and color variations


Excellent brightness and brilliance

Excellent cutting performance

High specularity and brightness of the surfaces

Lightness (excellent weight / size ratio)

Good resistance to impact and abrasion

Stable colors over time

Constant dimensional standard

Maximum washing resistance 60 ° C

Excellent resistance to aging