Rhinestones for clothes, which ones to choose and why

The rhinestones, crystals usually made of acrylic material capable of perfectly simulating the transparency and brilliance of common precious stones, represent one of the most versatile creative materials: they leave ample room for creativity, allowing you to easily decorate from clothing to costume jewelry, without neglecting leather goods and shoes.

In particular, the rhinestones for shoes allow you to easily decorate both elegant and sporty and informal footwear, making them unique in their kind but at the same time perfectly in line with the latest trends that impose shimmers and luminescence on clothes and accessories.

Rhinestones for shoes: here are the most popular
The rhinestones for shoes are conical faceted stones, also suitable for being set on studs and bezels in order to obtain a more detailed and well-finished decoration.

To make them unique, the remarkable brightness that can give the shoe a pleasantly bright and precious effect, also given by the characteristic transparency that can enhance the cut as well as the chosen color.

The end result is marvelous where the particular shape of the rhinestones for shoes, combined with their ability to reflect light, make the decoration unique and refined, regardless of the shape.

Hot application or using needle and thread if set inside small studs is also extremely easy: in both cases, the rhinestones for shoes are designed to guarantee strength and greater strength, although they are more subject to normal wear .

Choosing to apply rhinestones for shoes makes the shoes original and perfectly in step with the times, adapting to every kind of model, from the most classic to the sporty: only in this way can they represent an accessory of style, with refined refinement.

NovaRampalux has rhinestones for shoes with multiple shapes and shades, all made with high quality materials that can be as bright as the most common precious ones.