Rhinestones to customize accessories

Rhinestones represent a versatile and original idea to customize accessories, clothing and footwear in a few minutes, without the need for special skills.

Most of the rhinestones to customize accessories are in fact thermoadhesive: they allow to be fixed by heat or alternatively by means of special glues that adhere perfectly to any type of fabric.

Original, bright and extraordinarily bright, rhinestones to personalize accessories are the most suitable solution if you want to give them a new modern, fresh and youthful look.

How to customize accessories with rhinestones
How to apply rhinestones to customize accessories? In reality, the commonly used technique is quite simple. Small rhinestones, crystals or stones made of resin and of different colors are applied which, combined together, allow to create extremely particular, pleasant and very original designs, motifs and decorations.

This technique is generally used to customize fashionable clothing, jewelry, costume jewelry, as well as footwear and accessories, giving regardless of the material, a touch of elegance and sophistication that only a bright and brilliant detail can determine.

The rhinestones in fact offer infinite opportunities: it is possible to easily customize bags, clutch bags, personalized wallets and even belts, scarves in fabric such as cotton or silk for example. No limit to the imagination because the rhinestones to customize the accessories also allow those who do not have particular manual skills to obtain an always impeccable result with a remarkable aesthetic impact.

Where to buy rhinestones to customize accessories
All the rhinestones proposed by NovaRampalux are made with the highest quality materials, capable of guaranteeing remarkable resistance to heat and wear, as well as excellent brilliance and color rendering.

Request further information or advice immediately: a team of professionals will be able to advise you on the most suitable products to satisfy your creative needs.