Strass: what are the stones that shine

Widely used to decorate garments, shoes and accessories, rhinestones make it possible to make every material on which they are applied modern and extremely bright.

Available in many shapes and sizes, they are well suited to any artifact, giving it a touch of personality, always leaving ample space for inspiration and creativity.

What is rhinestones?

By definition, rhinestones are imitations of precious stones made of plastic, acrylic, resin and often in glass, able to stand out for the high brightness that characterizes the synthetic crystal.

Conceived for a purely decorative purpose, they make leather, fabrics and even nails, absolutely trendy and in step with the times, thanks to the characteristic versatility that allows giving life to decorations that are often complex and of considerable aesthetic impact.

Most used types of rhinestones

Precisely because of the materials with which they are made and the relative application methods, they can generally be distinguished in:  

  • flat back rhinestones for hot fixation, made of glass and applied using presses that use heat to promote adhesion.
  • flat back rhinestones to be glued, made of glass, resin or plastic.The application in this case appears considerably simpler since it is not necessary to use particular equipment, but simply to us e specific glues suitable for the material on which the rhinestones are to be applied.
  • sewing rhinestones, normally available in glass and plastic materials, also have a flat back, but also small holes that allow the passage of the thread inside to then fix the base to the fabric or material to be decorated.


Strass and sequins: when brightness can make the difference

Strass and stones, undoubtedly represent a valid alternative to embroidery: they require time and particular care in the application but guarantee an always perfect result.

Nova Rampalux, thanks to its proven experience in the sector, produces acrylic stones and rhinestones for clothing and costume jewelery, united by the high quality typical of Made In Italy.

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