Thermoadhesive rhinestones: how to apply them

Comfortable, practical, of impact, the thermoadhesive rhinestones are quick to apply and perfect if used especially in the decoration on fabrics and clothes.

The application is quite simple and requires minimal manual work to achieve a perfect result.

How to apply thermo-adhesive rhinestones
The thermo-adhesive rhinestones can be applied hot on fabric, knitwear as well as on any kind of material as long as it is porous. By using single rhinestones, a specific applicator is required, an electrical instrument characterized by thin metal spikes that vary according to the diameter of the crystal, which allow to heat the adhesive placed at the base of the rhinestone itself, and then proceed with its positioning on the fabric.

Strass on heat-resistant adhesive paper: application
Otherwise, if in the presence of rhinestones applied on heat-resistant adhesive paper, generally used if you want to exploit ready-to-transfer designs and decorations, you need only the iron present in every domestic environment.

In this case, proceed by removing the relative protection from the drawing and then carefully attach the adhesive paper to the fabric, where it is necessary to transfer the rhinestones.

Protect the garment by placing a light cotton cloth or plain baking paper on top, and then proceed by resting the iron on at high temperature, subjecting the strass to heat for at least 15/20 seconds.

However, this timing is variable depending on the size of the rhinestones themselves: generally 5 seconds are considered for each mm of rhinestones, so as to be certain that the adhesive is perfectly adherent to the fabric.

Once the iron has been removed, it will be necessary to apply a light pressure on the decoration with the hand, using a handkerchief, so that the adhesive penetrates deeply into the fibers, and the rhinestones remain firmly on the surface. Once everything is cooled, it will therefore be possible to finish the job, removing the film to protect the rhinestones. The final result? Always impeccable!