Strass shapes, styles and cuts

There are many shapes, styles and cuts of rhinestones.

Versatile and perfectly adaptable to any kind of decoration or design, rhinestones are the most versatile solution for renewing accessories, clothing or leather goods, which are by now modern and out of date.

Strass shapes and cuts

Among the shapes and styles of rhinestones available, the most requested is undoubtedly the cabochon, small half-spheres with an oval shape like a shuttle or a drop.

Generally produced in multiple shades, they can be found in opaque, pearly or iridescent colors to cite just a few examples.

Square cut rhinestones are also very popular, stones that simulate the surface of the well-known board game, with the characteristic round, oval, shuttle and drop shape, but also often square or triangular.


The most original of the rhinestones, however, remain the double rivulet, which have a pointed front and back: this symmetrical design is decidedly very special.

In addition to the above categories, we can also classify rhinestones by color and shape.

Rhinestone styles

In many when it comes to rhinestones, they believe they are simply classic, with a typically rounded shape: in reality they can be oval, as well as baguettes or squares, just to mention the best-known examples.

The different style allows you to mix the various types of rhinestones, in order to create elaborate and refined designs, with unique elegance and refinement.

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Transparency and brilliance are its true hallmarks.

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